March 11, 2018

5 Steps Every Homeowner Should Take to Get Ready for Spring

Spring cleaning is about more than just scrubbing the floors and cleaning the windows. It includes a whole lot of maintenance work around the house, checking on major systems to ensure smooth function year-round.

A building being powerwashed

After being indoors for the long dark winter, it is only natural that you would want to open your windows and let the sun and air inside as the weather warms up. Here in Colorado, the cold weather tends to linger a little longer, popping up as late as April or May, but the warming trend is here to stay.With the change in seasons, homeowners should consider taking steps to prepare their homes for the year. But spring cleaning is about more than just scrubbing the floors and cleaning the windows. It includes a whole lot of maintenance work around the house, checking on major systems to ensure smooth function year-round.

Clean out Dust Traps

Spring is the time to air out your house. Let the sun come in, and arm yourself with a vacuum cleaner. A thorough cleaning is required to get rid of all the dust hidden in the corners. We are talking about the undersides and the backs of furniture, forgotten corners of the house and insides of your closets. By cleaning your house of dust, you’ll be getting rid of dust mites, allergens and germs that may cause respiratory diseases.

HVAC System Maintenance

Taking care of your home cooling and heating system is one of the most important home maintenance tasks a homeowner can take on, given the expense of repairing or replacing these systems if something fails.Clean the filters and condenser unit, check the ducts and wirings for damage. This is an easy project that will help you save money and ensures an effective cooling system throughout the summer. You need to clean the bathroom vents too. If you have a steam heating system, drain your boiler to avoid mold, and wipe off any residue that has gathered around the base of the unit.Regular maintenance of your HVAC system can ensure efficient, effective heating and cooling for years.

Clean the Dishwasher

It’s an amazing machine that gets used more than almost any other in many homes, but the dishwasher need some care too. Food particles can clog the drain and cause odors or floods. This can also become a breeding ground for germs. To clean it up, first check the filters and remove any gunk or food particles present there. Clean the drain, and pour a cup of vinegar in the upper rack and run the dishwasher on hot cycle. Lastly, sprinkle baking soda on the floor of the dishwasher and run a short cycle.

Clean the Gutters

Keeping your drainage intact and in working condition is an important maintenance chore; a clogged gutter may result in a flooded basement. Unclog the gutters on the roof; check the pipes for leaks or holes. Make sure the spouts are intact. It is also important for the water to be drained properly in the sewer, or it might result in mosquito infestation. Even a little stagnant water on the roof may cause molding and damage to your roof, sidings and flooring.You can hire a professional to do it, or you can do it yourself.

Clean up Outside

Show your grounds some affection after a long, harsh winter. Spring is the time for landscaping, to clean away dried leaves and cut off dead branches. Fill in empty patches with grass, and plant spring flowers. When the grass turns bright green and thick, fertilize your garden to provide it with the necessary nutrientsA blooming garden is the true representation of spring.Bottom line: Your house will run perfectly if you take care of it during every season. A little investment of time and money will pay off for years to come.

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