When you’re house-hunting, a new build carries an unmistakable allure. You could live in a home someone else previously occupied–and deal with outdated plumbing, carpets that need to be torn out, and the smell of previous owners’ pets–or you could live in a pristine new home that no one else has occupied.

That said, new build homes come with their own unique challenges. You may not need to repair things, but you certainly need to make sure that the builders are doing a good job.

Here are three major issues to look for in new build homes.

Grading and Drainage Issues

The grading around your home refers to the level of the ground. It’s not just aesthetics–the slope of the landscape determines where stormwater flows. Positive grading slopes away from your home (which means stormwater flows away). Negative grading slopes toward your home (which means stormwater flows toward your foundations).

It is natural for homes to settle a bit in the first few years, which decreases grading. Even so, you don’t want to start out with negative grading. Plus, it’s much easier to correct grading problems while the home is still under construction.

Not Enough Wiring

Let’s be blunt: you need to be able to plug in appliances. That means you need sufficient wiring in the walls.

The problem is that some builders use the bare minimum wiring–and unless you’re actively looking for it, you may not notice until you need to have the house rewired.

The best solution here is to be proactive. Work with your builder and an electrician early on to ensure that you have sufficient wiring, and consult with them consistently before installation. You want to make sure that there’s enough wiring and that the wiring is powerful enough to handle your appliances.

Flooring Issues

A lot of flooring problems are caused by pooling water. Here’s the thing: bad workmanship is often the root cause. In many cases, flooring issues are the result of the same workmanship problem: poor surface preparation.

The best way to handle this is to pay careful attention to how your builders handle the floors. If you see anything rough left out (glue, nails, you name it) the floor won’t be smooth.

You should also check the builder’s installation as they go. If you see poor installation, get them to fix it right away. It’s worth paying extra to fix it now rather than paying a contractor to fix water damage and replace your tiles.

Ready to Buy Your New Home?

A new build home is incredibly exciting for a homebuyer. This is your chance to make your house uniquely yours. You just have to know how to navigate the building process and ensure that your builder gives you the home you’re looking for.

Our job is to help buyers and sellers navigate the process with peace of mind. So if you’re ready to make your new house into a home, we’re here to help. Get in touch today to learn how we can help.