Structural Design for Denver, Colorado

HIE engineers are experts on the various forces exerted on buildings over their lifecycle and use this knowledge in conjunction with our experience with construction methods, codes, and building standards to help design structures that will stand the test of time.  We provide structural design services for a broad spectrum of projects, including but not limited to structural designs for the following project types:

New Construction

When providing structural design services for single family, multi-family, or commercial buildings, HIE strives to balance budget with performance to create structural systems that meet our client’s vision. Our work doesn't stop with completion of the design, our engineers facilitate construction administration throughout the construction process including but not limited to RFIs, Shop Drawings, and contractor preference.  

Historic Preservation and Adaptive Reuse

As owners and developers react to the need for a more sustainable attitude towards the built environment, projects that preserve and convert existing buildings have become commonplace. Many of our clients look to HIE to provide creative structural solutions for preserving and converting spaces.

Structural Remodels and Renovations

With an ever-evolving market where access to developable land becomes scarcer, remodels and renovations have become increasingly popular in recent years. While typically less of an undertaking than new construction, embarking on remodel projects are no small task. It takes knowledgeable and creative to work within the constraints of an existing structure (which may or may not be dilapidated). HIE has the experience, creativity, and fortitude to successfully transform the structure from its original design into the client’s vision.

Structural Repairs and Restoration

HIE historically specialized in structural restoration to effectively repair and maintain deteriorating and failing buildings. Given our integrated approach, HIE’s multidisciplinary team understands what causes structures to fail and what causes buildings to need repair in the first place, enabling us to better design structural repairs that hold up overtime.

Load Bearing Wall Consultations

HIE understands that not all structural design involve large scale transformative projects. Even if your structural engineering needs entail a minor renovation altering or creating an opening in a building, our engineers can help you determine which components are load bearing and, if desired, design a structural retrofit that provides a functional open space that complements the structure as a whole, while still adequately supporting the building.