Commercial and Residential Inspections

HIE Consulting Engineers provides a wide range of residential and commercial inspection services, leveraging our 60+ years of experience serving the inspection needs of Colorado’s Front Range.

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Commercial Property Condition Assessments

Based on our depth of experience, we evaluate the full spectrum of commercial facilities including retail, office, mixed-use, hospitality, educational, and industrial properties. Our inspections follow a streamlined approach that starts with a custom proposal based on your needs. Once we have discussed your long-term strategy for the property, we can generate a clear scope of work, conduct a thorough on-site inspection of both the facility and available documents, and create a final, user-friendly report.

Other services HIE provides related to commercial property condition assessments include but are not limited to building envelope assessments, balcony evaluation, parking garage assessments, and fall protection assessments.

Commercial and Residential Structural Consultations

HIE Consulting Engineers can provide a structural diagnosis/opinion on the structure of your property, including foundations, slabs, walls, columns, beams, floor joists, etc. We can also determine potential sources of damage such as moisture, wind, impact, etc. With more than 60+ years of experience, we can expertly identify evidence of deficiencies, such as expansive soil disturbances and other structural damage.

Other services HIE provides related to commercial and residential structural consultations include but are not limited to foundation and framing inspections for new construction.

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General Home Inspection

Our general home inspections, all performed by certified inspectors, include review of the basic structural components, roof, attic, walls, ceilings, floors, windows and doors, heating systems, cooling systems, electrical, plumbing, drainage, appliances, and attached garages. Following our inspection, we provide a comprehensive written report, with photos, available within 48 hours of the inspection. Unique to HIE, we can include a structural inspection performed by an engineer as a supplement to a general inspection performed by a certified home inspection.

Other services HIE provides related to general home inspections include but are not limited to new home inspections and warranty inspections.

Expert Witness Consulting

We assist property owners, contractors and property managers to provide expert consulting services to assist in litigation matters. In the case of building-related litigation, we can provide expert analysis of issues, concerns, shortcomings, repairs and other engineering questions at-issue. We can also advise on cases of contractor malfeasance, design flaws, construction errors and other issues.

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