About HIE Consulting Engineers

HIE Consulting Engineers is a full-service structural engineering and inspection services firm located in Denver,Colorado. HIE provides services for a broad range of clients, including architects, general contractors, property owners, property managers, developers, investors, attorneys, and many others in the Denver Metro Area and Rocky Mountain Region.

HIE brings together the expertise of licensed structural engineers with certified inspectors to deliver a wide range of commercial and residential services, including structural design services, structural consultations, home inspections, property condition assessments, and more.

Construction in Denver with a building being built under a blue sky

Our history

Since our founding in 1965 by Harvey Kolesar, HIE has been helping the front range solve their most challenging problems when it comes to buildings. HIE was initially formed as a structural engineering firm that concentrated on property inspections. Since then, we’ve added expertise in structural consultation, structural design, and construction administration services at all levels.

The HIE team

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Headshot of Dirk Dykson
Dirk Dykson, E.I.
Design Engineer
A headshot of Anthony eulberg
Anthony Eulberg, PE
Headshot of Brett Guthrie
Brett Guthrie
Property Inspector
Headshot of Blair Harris, PE
Blair Harris, PE
Design Division Manager
Headshot of Ryan Immerfall
Ryan Immerfall
Assessment Division Manager
Headshot of Michael Kolesar, PE
Michael Kolesar, PE
A headshot of Scott Obendorfer, E.I.
Scott Obendorfer, E.I.
Design Engineer
A headshot of Chris Route
Chris Route
Office Manager
A headshot of Nancy Sengprachanh
Nancy Sengprachanh
Project Coordinator
Headshot of Travis White
Travis White, P.E.
PE Project Engineer
Headshot of Matt Alessio
Matt Alessio
Property Inspector