Although a home’s windows do not last forever, well-maintained windows should last you 10 to 20 years at minimum.

And that’s important, because your windows do much more than just maintain the overall look and appearance of your house. If they are high-quality and are designed aesthetically and intelligently, they can enhance your energy efficiency and help maintain ambient and natural light inside your house, while also helping with curb appeal.

On the other hand, if your windows are dilapidated, they will become a liability, and quickly. This will lead to higher heating and cooling bills, water intrusion and even the potential for long-term damage to other parts of your home due to water damage, pests and other issues.

Precisely, it is not only your kitchen, garden or the living room that requires your attention, your windows are equally important to be recognized when they need a replacement or renovation.

Is it time to upgrade your windows?

If your house has old wooden or aluminum-framed windows, it’s worth checking on their interior and exterior condition a few times a year to make sure they aren’t damaged or worn.

Inspect the movement of each window by opening and closing them to determine smooth operation. If the windows are forced open or swollen shut, making them hard to use, it is time to replace them.

Stand next to your window and try to feel the temperature. If it feels cooler than other areas of your house or warmer, your window isn’t providing the insulation you need and likely needs to be replaced.

As the temperature increases or drops throughout the year, your cooling or heating bills do the same. If you have older windows, there is a chance that much of the air produced by HVAC system is being wasted.

What to look for in new windows

New windows make your house less drafty and are quieter and easy to maintain. Here are some points that can help you choose the new windows for your house.

Choose the right material for replacing your house’s window that can maintain a classic look and protect your house from water leakage, heavy wind, and outdoor temperature swings.

Vinyl windows are popular in many areas because they are energy efficient and do not require painting or sealing. Moreover, they are inexpensive than wood. But sometimes, particularly in an older home or a historic area, nothing beats the look of classic wood-framed windows.

Double-paned windows can enhance the contemporary look of your house and increase energy efficiency by 100%.

How to maintain your windows

It is not always necessary to replace windows entirely, however. There are a number of things you can do to maintain your old windows that can increase their lifespan.

Make a Window Washing Kit: A window washing kit should hold all the required tools and supplies to help you clean your windows. At the most basic level, you should have rubber gloves, a squeegee (with a channel, handle and rubber), scrapper, and dry cloth available to do the job.

Window Cleaner: A homemade window cleaning solution of just dishwashing detergent, water, and vinegar can cut through most window grime and costs just pennies to assemble. Clean your windows at least twice in a month if possible to prevent too much buildup.

Window Maintenance: Metal and wooden framed windows are easy to maintain if you use suitable materials. If it is only the putty or pane of the window that needs to be replaced, call a trusted handyman and get everything repaired. If rust or distortion has ruined the look of your metal windows, you can use acid pickling to remove it.