Structural Design

We are experts on the various forces that are exerted on commercial and residential structures over time and use that knowledge in conjunction with our experience with building codes and standards to help design structures that will stand the test of time. Our structural design services include:

New Construction: HIE Consulting Engineers specializes in the structural design of residential and low-rise commercial construction throughout Colorado. Our professional services encompass generally all conventionally adopted construction materials as well as more advanced mass timber, flat pack, or modular construction methods. We strive to balance our client’s vision with cost effective structural systems that meet our client’s budget.

Remodel Structural Design: The remodeling process, by definition, is about altering or remaking the structure of a building. With that in mind, it is important to consult with an expert when changing the underlying structure of a building in order to prevent damage and to ensure that the structure continues to serve its primary purpose after the remodel. Our experts can help structurally design remodel and renovation projects, in conjunction with designers or architects where necessary, that maintain the structural integrity of a building and, in some cases, improve it. 

Repair Structural Design: Structural repairs should be designed by an engineer and stamped by a licensed, Professional Engineer in order to make sure that any repair is necessary and addresses the underlying problem. Additionally, precautions must be taken so that the building will not fall victim to the same sort of damage in the future. We understand what causes structures to fail and what causes buildings to need repair in the first place, enabling them to better design structural repairs that hold up over time. 

Load Bearing Wall Consultation: Load bearing walls are those that carry the weight of the structure above it, including the roof, walls and any upper floors. As such, these building components need to be carefully designed and built in order to provide years of safe, hassle-free support. We can help you determine which walls are load bearing and, if desired, design a structural retrofit that provides a functional open space that complements the structure as a whole, while still adequately supporting these loads.