We’re thrilled to share that HIE Consulting Engineers was prominently featured in a recent story in 5280, the Denver magazine.

It was related to a recent project we took on for Heidi and Ryan Cox, who bought an 1884 Victorian home in Denver’s historic Curtis Park neighborhood. The house was in need of some significant structural repair, in addition to all the interior and exterior upgrades, and that’s where we came in.

From the 5280 story on the project:

“Realtor Heidi Cox has seen—and often mourned—dozens of historical homes converted into sleek, modern dwellings. So when she and her husband, Ryan, bought an 1884 home in Curtis Park—their favorite Denver neighborhood—they vowed to preserve its authentic charm and craftsmanship.

“Historically designated neighborhoods do a great job protecting the exteriors of historical homes, but we’re losing our historical interiors,” Ryan says. “Every renovation strips away more and more of the original character, and we lose a lot of the workmanship that went into the build.”

“They began by altering the floor plan. Working closely with HIE Consulting Engineers for structural advice, Ryan updated the layout to better fit the family’s needs—and remove some of the ’80s-era changes. Upstairs, they converted an office space into a bathroom, laundry area, and closet, and combined an existing bedroom and bathroom to create a master suite. Downstairs, they transformed the awkward off-the-kitchen bathroom into a small powder room and a mudroom that opens to the backyard.”

Read the full story and check out the photos here.

While this project was unique given the location and age of the home, HIE Consulting Engineers does a lot of work with similar remodels.

That’s because the remodeling process, by definition, is about altering or remaking the structure of a building. With that in mind, it is important to consult with an expert when changing the underlying structure of a building in order to prevent damage and to ensure that the structure continues to serve its primary purpose after the remodel.

Our engineers work hard to structurally design remodel and renovation projects, in conjunction with designers or architects, that maintain the structural integrity of a building and, in some case, improve it.

That’s what we did for the Cox project, and it’s something we can do for you as well.