Is Your Home Built On Expansive Soil?

A major risk factor for homes in many parts of the country is foundation movement as a result of expansive soil. The amount of movement at a given location depends upon the reactivity of the soil, but it can also vary depending on the weather, the time of year, and even the location of your home on the lot.

Time for New Windows?: How to Tell and What to Look For

Although a home’s windows do not last forever, well-maintained windows should last you 10 to 20 years at minimum. And that’s important, because your windows do much more than just maintain the overall look and appearance of your house. If they are high-quality and are...

5 Steps Every Homeowner Should Take to Get Ready for Spring

With the change in seasons, homeowners should consider taking steps to prepare their homes for the year. But spring cleaning is about more than just scrubbing the floors and cleaning the windows. It includes a whole lot of maintenance work around the house, checking on major systems to ensure smooth function year-round.

Home Water Damage: What to Look For and How to Prevent It

Water is the giver of life, but it’s also the destroyer of homes. According to property & casualty insurance company Travelers, water damage is as much as 10 times more common than fire damage in American homes and causes, on average, nearly 30% of all household property claims. In 2015, water damage and freezing caused more than 45% of all homeowners insurance losses, nearly double the second-most-frequent type of damage, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

What a Dry Winter Could Mean for Colorado in 2018

It is no exaggeration to say that the winter of 2017-2018 so far is one of the worst many on the Front Range can remember. Snowpack is at historic lows, even at the higher elevations, and according to some researchers the state is on track for its worst winter in terms of snow in at least 60 years, with numbers that area barely 10% to 20% of average.

Do I Need a New Roof? Here Are the Signs

“The roof caving in” and “keeping a roof over your head” aren’t idioms for nothing; it’s because roofs are one of the most—if not the most—essential parts of your home. Aside from the obvious perils of a roof collapse, a compromised roof can cause all sorts of other...

Understanding Colorado’s Unique Expansive Soil

Expansive soil can be found in all 50 U.S. states and, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers, as many as 25% of U.S. homes are at risk. In fact, expansive soils cause more financial losses for insurance companies in a typical year than all natural disasters combined.