General Residential Inspections

HIE Consulting Engineers provides a wide range of home inspection services, leveraging our 60+ years of experience serving the inspection needs of Colorado’s Front Range. That said, our home inspection process is different than most.

Unlike traditional home inspection firms, our InterNACHI-certified inspectors’ quality service is amplified by our team of licensed structural engineers to review structural concerns. Under Colorado law, only a licensed engineer is permitted to render an opinion on structural elements of a home. As part of our standard general inspection process, the structure is reviewed by one of our in-house structural engineers. That is something you won’t find from any other inspection firm in the Denver metro area.

Every home inspection performed by HIE begins with a review by an experienced, certified inspector well versed in all the systems in the home, including the roof, windows, HVAC systems, electrical systems, plumbing components and more.

In addition to the home inspection performed by a certified inspector, a structural check by a structural engineer is also performed. The engineer performs a field assessment to determine the general condition of the home’s structure. The engineer’s findings, which include recommendations of how to address deficiencies identified, will be combined with our certified home inspector’s findings regarding the remainder of the property to provide a single comprehensive report.

Combining the skills of certified home inspectors with structural engineers results in a one-stop solution for real estate agents and their clients that delivers unbiased condition assessment about all of the major components of the home along with recommendations for next steps. Best of all, this one stop solution saves time in the inspection process as there will be a comparatively little wait (typically 1-2 days) compared to the typical one week turnaround, and is a much less expensive option compared to hiring a separate structural engineer for a review of the structure after the home inspection has taken place.

HIE’s engineer-backed home inspection approach can be applied to the general pre-purchase home inspection, new home inspection, or residential warranty inspections outlined below.

General Residential Inspections: Our general pre-purchase residential inspections include review of the basic structural components, roof, attic, walls, ceilings, floors, windows and doors, heating systems, cooling systems, electrical, plumbing, drainage, appliances, and attached garages. Following our inspection, we provide a comprehensive written report, with photos, available within 48 hours of the inspection.

New Home Inspections: A newly built home is a significant investment, and there is always a level of uncertainty because you are moving into a home that has never been lived in before. By identifying issues with the home’s components while the builder is still on the in the mix, an independent home inspection performed prior to taking ownership can be extremely valuable. Our new home inspections are performed shortly before the final inspection walk-through with your builder so you can discuss items that were identified by an expert as potential issues. A written report is provided to the buyer within 48 hours so you can discuss the issues with confidence.

New Construction Staged Inspections: During the construction process, it is sometimes advantageous to have the foundation and/or framing components of the home reviewed while all components are fully visible.  Catching mistakes or deficiencies with the structural system during construction can avoid expensive and intrusive repairs later down the line.  Additionally, such items are much easier for the builder to correct while the home is under construction.  One of our structural engineers can provide the independent visual review of these components to provide the peace of mind that the foundation and framing components are satisfactory prior to them being covered with finishes.

Warranty Inspections: Builders typically provide a one-year warranty on major systems and components in new houses. Having an independent home inspector and/or structural engineer review these systems prior to the expiration of the warranty can save a homeowner significant costs for potential future repairs or maintenance.