General Residential Inspections

HIE Consulting Engineers provides a wide range of residential inspection services, leveraging our 50+ years’ of experience serving the structural inspection needs of Colorado’s Front Range. Our residential inspection offerings include: 

General Residential Inspections: Our general residential inspections include review of the structure, roof, attic, walls, ceilings, floors, windows and doors, heating systems, cooling systems, electrical, plumbing, drainage, appliances, and attached garages. Following our inspection, we provide a comprehensive written report, with photos, available within 48 hours of the inspection. 

Warranty Inspections: Builders typically provide a one-year warranty on major systems and components in new houses. Having an independent inspector review these systems prior to the expiration of the warranty can save a homeowner significant costs for potential future repairs or maintenance. 

New Home Framing / Foundation Inspections: A new home is a significant investment, and there is always a level of uncertainty because you are moving into a home that has never been lived in before. By identifying issues with the home’s components while the builder is still on the hook, an independent inspection performed prior to taking ownership can be extremely valuable. Our new home inspections are performed shortly before the final inspection walk-through with your builder so you can discuss items that were identified by an expert as potential issues. A written report is provided to the buyer within 48 hours so you can discuss the issues with confidence. We also provide stage reviews for new homes throughout the construction process. These typically are performed at foundation and/or framing, along with a final inspection prior to your walk-through.