Other Consultation Services

HIE Consulting Engineers specializes in due diligence inspections, structural inspections, retrofit structural design and other general structural engineering services, but we are also aware that our engineering expertise can be valuable in other applications, some of which include:

Litigation Consulting: In the case of structure-related litigation, we can provide expert analysis of issues, concerns, shortcomings, repairs and other engineering questions at-issue. We can also advise on cases of contractor malfeasance, design flaws, construction errors and other issues.

Fall Protection Assessments: Commercial building codes call for designs that minimize and, when possible, eliminate the risk of fall-related injuries on-site. Part of this process includes the installation and maintenance of railings, tiebacks, davits, and other safety features, as well as design elements such as stairway width, door placement, wall height and more. We can review the fall protection features of your structure and provide suggestions for ways to improve functionality without sacrificing safety or adding excessive cost.